A business association for people who need more customers and who prefer to join forces rather than go it alone.

Yellow-Tie’s mission is to help its members achieve results by Leveraging the Power of the Group!

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.” – Vince Lombardi

“The people who are CRAZY enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Apple ad


Strands of the Net

Yellow-Tie provides a growth path for the collaborative souls in our community and promotes the lift-up culture of giving that generates success in all stages of professional growth:

Show Up – We understand that for those just starting out cash is usually tight, yet the need for new relationships is high, so we hold our free-to-everyone Connections events and the annual areawide Big Bash. Our hope is you’ll be faster and better at making the connections, building the relationships and getting the assistance you need to survive showing up to the entrepreneurial party.

Throw Up – Within a year or two of showing up, most exhaust their personal network and find themselves in the “throw-up” stage – realizing if they don’t embrace a lead-generating system they’ll be forced to give up. Our unique Lead-Sharing Group model is built to help you through this stage and beyond, by letting you “do it your own way” and giving you the hands-on assistance you need. Based on giving without keeping score, on self accountability and on quality over quantity, our entreprenurial model provides not only the leads our members need, but the growth path for reaching the next level of success.

Grow Up – When they reach the point where leads are no longer their most pressing issue, many professionals switch focus to the hard choices of growing all aspects of their careers or companies. We know from experience this can be a lonely and confusing time, so we created our Business-Building Alliance program. Built for members who want an advisory board of peers to help them make the really hard decisions, this is where growth-oriented leaders assemble, share, solve problems and rejoice with one another.

Power Up – Any member who wishes to power up in a specific skill area, perhaps speaking, writing, selling, leadership, etc., and prefers company while learning, is welcome to start or join a Skills-Enhancement Group. We’ll help you find others who want to learn with you, provide support finding facilities where you can meet, recruit professionals to speak at your meetings, and so forth.

Lift Up – If Yellow-Tie does its job and you do yours, you willl reach the stage where you can extend a hand back to those who are just showing up. It is our hope that when you reach this stage, you’ll continue to fund our initiatives, host our Connection events and help us pave the path of entrepreneurship in St. Louis, so those who follow you have a smoother ride and can grow much faster.

Do you have a business dream? Do you believe you can realize that dream if you can only gain that small percentage of help you need to overcome the challenges you’ve embraced? Then Sign Up and let us help you leverage the power of the group to achieve that dream.