Lead-Sharing Group

Among the key differences between Yellow-Tie’s Lead-Sharing Group (LSG) model and other leads programs are these:

We hold you accountable to yourself, not to us.

We don’t measure attendance; we measure engagement – because it is possible to attend but not engage and to engage but not attend.

We don’t spank members when they don’t give; we pat them on the back when they do.

We want you to grow to the point of actually graduating out of your lead-sharing group.

Either you can join programs where the goal is to develop leads, or you can join Yellow-Tie where the goal is to grow to the point where you no longer worry about your next lead.

Choose wisely.

Throw-Up Stage

Yellow-Tie’s LSG program is built for business owners and salespeople who have reached what we call the throw-up stage of business development – when you realize it’s time to either create a lead-generation system that produces consistent results or find happiness in another career.

If you join (or launch) a Yellow-Tie LSG and actually do the work required to grow, three things will occur:

  • You’ll generate the leads you need to survive this stage of growth.
  • You’ll reach the grow-up stage, when you can focus on growing your company or career instead of on how you’ll pay next month’s bills.
  • You’ll graduate from your LSG and move on to your next challenge.

While we do believe the only way to improve anything is to measure it, we are not a forced-attendance, forced-referral, keep-score organization.

So what type of accountability and measuring can you expect?

  • We won’t tell your group how often it must meet. We will ask you to set a schedule and live up to it, because making and keeping commitments is how people grow.
  • We won’t kick you out if you don’t attend. We will ask you to choose between engaging or leaving, because successful people take ownership of the choices they make, and we want to attract success-minded members.
  • We won’t set a leads quota and then measure to that number, because that creates a hostile environment, sets members up for embarrassment, and results in random phone numbers traded not quality leads shared. We will share success stories from the leads we receive, so we can celebrate together and grow.
  • We will never have a tote board of leads shared, because we know from experience that keeping score of leads being traded actually decreases the chances you’ll grow beyond your LSG. Yellow-Tie members give to give (not to gain), because focusing on giving is the fastest way to grow.

Graduation Day

It is our sincere hope that every person who joins a Yellow-Tie Lead-Sharing Group will eventually thank his or her group members and graduate from the LSG – in essence, grow up. If we do our job and you do yours, you will grow to the point where leads are no longer an issue, and it’s time to work on your career or company instead of on your next sales opportunity.

When that day comes, we’ll celebrate together.